Many people are not yet familiar with the real benefits of marijuana as medicine. Some of the populace still considers it just a way to “legally get high” while medical schools rarely, if at all, teach future doctors about medical marijuana. However, scientific research in recent years has begun to demonstrate the value of marijuana as medicine. Credible groundbreaking studies show positive results in the treatment of multiple medical conditions, such as Epilepsy, Cancer, AIDS, Arthritis, pain, and more. Marygold Laboratories is committed to sharing this scientific knowledge and educating the public on these advancements. We are consistently working to provide community education and outreach tools. We organize educational seminars for anyone interested in learning more about cannabis; whether you are a patient, cultivator, physician, or citizen — contact us to learn more.


There is a multitude of scientific studies and case reports regarding medical marijuana. This web page, run by, lists a large number of research articles, from 1974 to today. This resource can be used to learn what’s out there, with a one-sentence summary of the findings. However, the original articles are not accessible through the website, but may be searched for on pubmed (which only sometimes provides full copies).


The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids is a 487 page book published in 2017. It is a comprehensive review of scientific information and future research needs pertaining to medical marijuana. The book briefly introduces the plant and its history, discusses US policy regarding marijuana, then focuses on the treatment of various illnesses using Cannabis.

If you desire education on how marijuana affects different medical conditions, this book is an excellent resource. The book can be purchased here or be downloaded as a PDF for free here.


Every week, Marygold Lab posts educational material on its Facebook Page. Follow us for regular updates on scientific advances and legislative changes. Want to help educate the world on medical marijuana? 

MaryGold Laboratories

MaryGold Laboratories

Employers Can’t Discriminate Against Medical Marijuana Use, NJ Court Rules

The Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled this week that an employer cannot fire an employee for using medical marijuana outside of the workplace. The case centers around a funeral home employee who was prescribed marijuana to treat cancer in 2015. After a car accident for which the employee was not at fault, the funeral home demanded a drug test and fired him for testing positive. The court ruled that this was in violation of the Laws Against Discrimination. These results only apply in New Jersey but set an important legal precedent.

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