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Research and Development

Our team is eager to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. We offer clients so much more than bare QC. We can assist you with research, composition, formulation, custom testing, clinical trial design, and more! Contact us today for a preliminary consultation about your research goals or ideas.


Educational Seminars

We are consistently working to provide community education and outreach tools. For example, our Facebook page frequently hosts scientific articles, written in layman’s terms, to help teach about our industry.

In addition, we offer educational seminars for anyone interested in learning more about cannabis. If you or your group is interested in learning more about cannabis research and testing, contact us today for more info.



For you to get the most out of our services, and to help us better understand your needs, most of our endeavors will begin with a personal consultation. However, we also offer extended consultation services, if you require more in-depth guidance on developing testing regimens, facility practices like packaging and labeling, or any other business practices requiring a certain degree of logistical or analytical prowess. Reach out today and let us know how we can help to move your business forward.

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