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We are a quality-assurance laboratory based in Little Rock, AR. Our experienced biotechnologists use modern methods and equipment to provide accurate beer-testing services. Whether you wish to simply comply with FDA and TTB requirements or extensively characterize the chemistry in your beer, Marygold Labs delivers fast, reliable, and easy-to-interpret results at competitive prices.

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Our Price List

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*** Calories are calculated using values from our Alcohol, Carbohydrate, and Protein tests.

Basic Package (Pink)

  • Meant to be tested as a package, at regular intervals
  • Includes FDA/TTB testing plus two widely-requested tests
  • Comply with FDA/TTB Regulations
  • Check for Bacterial Contamination – avoid expensive recalls and health hazards
  • Evaluate Bitterness – compare IBU readings with beers nationwide

Committed Customer Incentive (Yellow)

What you get –

• 15% off all tests for the “enrolled” beer
• Free Color and pH tests for “enrolled” beer
• Free Yeast Storage (up to six strains)

How to Enroll:

Commit a beer for a year of testing at recommended frequencies: Monthly, Quarterly, or Per-Batch

Think of us as beer doctors – your beer requires regular check-ups, just like you do. Standard beer QC testing typically occurs monthly, quarterly, or per-batch. In order to remain safe, consistent, and professional, adherence to a testing regimen is strongly advised. MaryGold Labs offers an impressive 15% discount on all tests for beers contractually-committed to one of the above testing frequencies, for a 12-month period. Additionally, Committed Customers receive free Yeast Storage (for up to six strains), and free pH and Color tests for the enrolled beers.

Local Breweries

Little Rock, AR is home to many exciting craft breweries. Here are some of our favorites!

Contact Mary Gold Lab: info@marygoldlab.com

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